New Job Lead to Back Pain That Sent Me to a Chiropractor

I got a job painting bridges. I had some high-angle rescue training, and I have been a commercial painter for years. So, learning to paint bridges was pretty easy for me. I am not afraid of heights. However, I was used to working with brushes and rollers, and now I was using a big spray gun that was attached to a very long and heavy hose. The new movements for eight hours a day on the job along with the different equipment made my back hurt. I figured I should see a chiropractor in the San Francisco area to get evaluated after the back pain would not ease up after working a couple of weeks on the job.

My upper back really ached all night when I got home from work. I could get some of the kinks out doing the work, but my muscles and back would stiffen up and hurt like crazy during my time off. I was taking ibuprofen every day to help me manage the pain. After I started going to the chiropractor, I no longer needed the ibuprofen. Then I started to get stronger doing the exercises that were recommended just for me, and I only go back now for an occasional spinal alignment. I feel like a new person. I would say that my back feels better now than it did before I started painting bridges. I can work all day, spend time doing activities with the kids in the evening and even play tennis with my wife on the weekends. Not that I like tennis or am any good at it, but I can play without my back hurting afterward.

If I had known that chiropractic medicine would have made my back feel this good, I would have went long before I started having the bad pain when I started to paint bridges.

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