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I Really Misjudged Chiropractic Care

I will admit that I was afraid to go to a chiropractor at first. I really did not know a lot about this kind of medical professional, and I honestly had misjudged nearly everything about them, from their education to their techniques. It was not something that I did on purpose, and I am really glad that I decided to research more about them when my doctor said I could possibly benefit from adding this type of professional to my medical team. I did a search for a chiropractor in Petaluma first, to find one that is located relatively close to me.

After finding a chiropractor who is only about six miles away, I decided to look at their website along at an unbiased website about chiropractic care in general. To say I was shocked when I read this would be an understatement. I had no idea that someone who wants to be a chiropractor must go to school just like a medical doctor. It is not a two year or even a four year degree. Continue reading I Really Misjudged Chiropractic Care