Monthly Archives: July 2017

I Had to Do Something Before It Was Too Late

My boss sat me down last month and told me that I need to come to work no matter what or I will lose my job. It really hit me hard because I have had back problems for a long time and I cannot get out of bed days at a time. But I knew he was right. I said as much to him, and then he told me that I really should take a look at some of the Round Rock chiropractors that are nearby and see if they could help me. That was not something that I had even thought about before, and I was embarrassed to realize that I hadn’t. I needed to do something about my back problems, so I told him I would get on it right away.

Usually what happens is that I can tell that I’m about to have a flare up. A small amount of pain will radiate through my back for several days until the pain becomes so bad that it hurts just move. It’s those days that I end up laying in bed all day. It is frustrating because it means that I can’t take care of my home. It also means that I can’t go to work or make any money. This is not fair. I’m too young to have that sort of thing happening to me all the time. What’s worse is that this usually goes on for about 4 to 6 days at a time.

When I found a good chiropractor to go to, I told him about how much work I have been missing. I told him that the painkillers that I had been using for years we’re not really working for me anymore and I was at my Wit’s End. I asked him if there was anything that he could do for me that would actually work. He told me that he would do his best, and that’s exactly what he did. I no longer have any of the same problems that I went through four years.